Welcome to Antifragile Tarot!

Welcome to Antifragile Tarot!

Hello there! You’ve found the home base of Antifragile Tarot. I’m your reader and main blogger, Susannah.

I’ve been reading tarot since 2002, starting with a vampire deck my mother (a sometimes professional reader) gave me and spending the next ten years trying to deny my affinity for it. I just didn’t know how to quit it, though, and always found myself back to doing readings, almost always for others and not myself.

There are two things I love in this world more than anything else: helping people and stories. Tarot neatly combines both of these things in a way that is satisfying and occasionally spooky, although I don’t personally believe there is anything inherently mystical to tarot and especially not to the physical cards.

I am already active on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr (links in the sidebar), but I’ve decided to start a home base website. Years of LiveJournal use have trained me well, and I plan to be an active blogger here, as well cross-posting between some of my other sites.

So, I hope you enjoy following my exploits here at Antifragile Tarot! Feel free to chime in and comment anytime you like.